курбан айт поздравления 2019 & Happy Qurban Eid Mubarak 2019

By | August 11, 2019

We wish курбан айт поздравления 2019 & happy qurban eid mubarak 2019 to everyone becasue today is Eid al adha. Zialhajj is the last month of Islamic year after this month Islamic New Year is started during the month of Zialhajj a number of activities are take place in Saudi Arabia during the month of Zialhaj hajj is prayed and the sacrifie of animals is done in the remembrance Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) sacrifice of his son.

The major event during the month and near the Eid ul Azha millions of the Muslims travel to Saudia Arabia to pray hajj. By the arrival of these hajaaj a great hasal busal and the activities of Eid ul Azha is started. Saudi Arabia earns a handsome amount from this event of hajj.

Hajaaj karam start arriving to Saudi Arabia almost ten to fifteen day before starting the month zilhajj. After the arrival to Saudi Arabia first step is provide proper place to stay and provide the healthy food. Saudi government makes sure good residence and quality food for all the people who come to Saudi Arabia for pilgrimage.

After reaching Saudi Arabia first step is to make your mind up for pilgrimage and take ihram clothes. Ihram clothe are special clothes which are prepared for the pilgrims this dress is consist of two small sheets one sheet cover the half body and second cover remain body. The color of this special dress is always white.

On the other hand people of Saudi Arabia start their activities related to pilgrim and Eid ul Azha because this two event come to gather and bring many opportunities of business for them. The can business in food because to provide food to millions of people Quiet difficult during these occasions. So business men come in front to earn from this golden chance.

The people who come to offer the pilgrim they must need to make sure they do the sacrifice animal because this is essential part of hajj. People of Saudi Arabia fetish sheep’s and goats which are used by hajaaj for scarify. One thing to keep in mind is that hajaaj must pay to them for the animal which they got from them further more.

Hajaaj must pay for the animal which they got for sacrifices it is essential for the success of pilgrim. Male hajaaj have a haircut and bear cut on the other hand female just cut a small part of their hairs. They take bath and make them self pure and clean also ihram is taken on this occasion.

Finally on 10 zilhajj its time to sacrifices the animal to make remembrance of the sacrifices of hazrat Ibrahim (A.S). This process of  scarifies is done by whole country. The meat of scarifies of hajaaj is handed to Saudi government. Saudi government divide this between the poor people of the country.

курбан айт поздравления 2019 & Happy Qurban Eid Mubarak 2019

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