Qurban bayrami 2019 Images Wishes for Eid al Adha Celebration

By | August 11, 2019

All muslim community will be celebrate eid al adha but people also would like to search on qurban bayrami 2019 image wishes. Muslim festival which is celebrated in remembrance of Hazrat Ibrahim sacrifices is called Eid ul Adha 2019 date In Bangladesh. Being a Muslim country Bangladesh will celebrate Eid ul Adha this year on twenty two august. This Eid ul Adha festival has large celebration and great hassle and bushel in all over the country.

Startling Eid is religious festival and celebrated by the whole country because of this all the people enjoy a public holiday. Frequently three to five holiday are given to all the public. All the government institutes and public businesses, schools colleges, are remaining close. Public transport is also unfunctional to some extent during three day of Eid ul Adha.

After seeing the moon of Eid ul Adha the excitement for the Eid is started in the country. Millions of people who are out of their city for working they come back to home to enjoy Eid ul Adha with friends and family. They all are given extra payment in from of cash so they can sacrifices the animals.

Temporary cattle bearish are settled in all over the country for the convenience of the citizens they buy cattle’s for the sacrifices. This is main point of attraction also in the reality this point is real Eid ul Adha date in Bangladesh. A large number of people Move toward these a cattle bearish some for buying their favorite animal and some for sale animals.

With two hundred and thirty rivers and many streams Bangladesh is known as the country of rivers. Now moving these animals to their destination is an adventuring round you can’t transport them like normal countries. The animal are transported through small boats it can be a little dangerous but the matter of fact is this is normal for them.

People wakeup early in the morning on Eid day why they get up early in the morning they just get up early in the morning to pray prayers. They visit special places which are building for the Eid prayer. After praying Eid ul Adha prayer the comeback and real fun of Eid ul Adha is started. They start Sacrificing animal.

A lot of animals are sacrificed on this day in the all over the Bangladesh when so many animals are lawful how much blood is bleed in whole country. It looks like rivers of blood are flowing in the country all the streets are become red with blood of animals you will blood in everywhere. This blood is wiped from the streets by the government workers.

After completing this process they bring the meat back to home and this is time to enjoy the meat for which they work all the day. Trust me the taste of this meat is very tasty if get a chance to try this then never lose it.

Qurban bayrami 2019

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