Eid ul Hajj 2019: Selamat Hari Raya Haji 2019 & Happy Hajj Mubarak 2019

By | August 10, 2019

Eid ul Azha is some time called Eid ul Hajj is major Islamic festivals. Eid ul Hajj 2019: selamat hari raya haji 2019 & happy hajj mubarak 2019. This Eid is celebrated on 10 zilhajj. On the day of 10 zilhajj in holy city Makah hajj is performed by almost 20 million Muslims which traveled to Saudi Arabia this holy month. This month is also the last month of Islamic calendar end of Islamic year.

Islam has five main pillars and hajj is fifth pillar. Every Muslim perform this for the sake of Allah Almighty once in his life if he capable of doing this. The hajj is performed in the holy cities of Makah and Medina. The people who come to pilgrim must follow certain rules to perform Hajj.

Selamat Hari Raya Haji 2019

Some of steps of pilgrim are moving around Kaaba all Muslims who come to perform pilgrim take seven rounds Kaaba. They also visit to mountain Arfat. They throw stones on devils which are in the form stones this is very important to throwing stones on devil. Then they perform sacrifice of animals and after this they had hair cut. At last they celebrate Eid ul Adha which is celebrated in all Islamic countries.

Now come to sacrifice what is sacrifice when it was started why it is celebrated. Fist let me give the answer of first question slaughtering animal for the sake of Allah almighty is known is scrfice. The meat of slaughtered animal is divided into three parts. One third is divided between the relatives and friends and one third for poor and needy people remaining for personal use.

Secondly it was started with the sacrifice of holy prophet Ibrahim (Abraham A.s) which he performed with his son. He was asked to sacrifice his beloved son Ismial. This was a test to check there willingness to Allah Almighty. A ram was slaughtered in place of Ismial. Fist Hazrat Ibrahim thought he is failed he may disobey the commands given by Allah Almighty.

But they successfully passed this test they were honored with great respect by Allah Almighty. Know come to third one question why it is celebrated as they passed the test and honored with respect Allah Almighty make the promise this will remembered till the day judgment. Now to remember the sacrifice of Hazrat Ibrahim (Abraham A.S) and Hazrat Ismial Muslim celebrate Eid ul Adha.

Some people think that Eid ul Azha and Hajj is directly connected to each other and when Eid is Performed in Saudi Arabia Eid ul Azha is celebrated in the world same day. But this is not the reality Eid ul Adha is celebrated according lunar calendar the moon may seen on different dates in different countries so, that countries celebrate according to their date of moon.

Selamat Hari Raya Haji 2019 & Happy Hajj Mubarak 2019

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