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курбан айт поздравления 2019 & Happy Qurban Eid Mubarak 2019

We wish курбан айт поздравления 2019 & happy qurban eid mubarak 2019 to everyone becasue today is Eid al adha. Zialhajj is the last month of Islamic year after this month Islamic New Year is started during the month of Zialhajj a number of activities are take place in Saudi Arabia during the month of… Read More »

Eid Holidays August 2019 | Eid Holiday Declaration of 12 August 2019

Eid ul Adha will come on 12 August and till continuous on 14 August this year. But govt officially announces eid holidays declaration of 12 august 2019. Mostly people knows about the history of eid ul adha and how to celebrate eid al adha in 2019? It is the main event of Muslims and second… Read More »

August Eid Holiday 2019 Observances Celebration from 12 to 15 Holidays

August Eid holiday will come on 11 August evening this year & 11 August is the evening or moon night of Eid ul Adha. It is a Muslim Holiday is celebrated on 10th day of Zilhahajj every year. This year 10th zilhajj will fall on 11 of August. It is the main and 2nd Eid… Read More »

Eid ul Adha 2019 in UK Date Fastival of Muslim Celebrations

Eid 2019 is the three day festival in Islamic calendar In the celebrations of this Eid ul adha 2019 in uk will start on the evening of 11 August and till end on 15 August. All the Muslim areas and towns of UK celebrate this event with happily. All the Muslims lived in UK enjoy… Read More »